Finders Keepers – cancelled COVID-19

An entertaining antiques hunting game in the company of an antique expert from ITV’s David Dickinson’s Real Deal and Secret Dealers. Includes morning coffee and a very nice two-course lunch with coffee. This is a genuinely different opportunity and something to really engage and entertain you. Finders Keepers is an antique hunting game played in the company of TV antiques expert and talented live wire – Karen Dalmeny.




The George Hotel

Finders Keepers - cancelled COVID-19

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£107 per person

Over morning coffee and biscuits you’ll be given a game briefing with lots of tips from how to spot treasure to how to haggle. The celebrity antiques expert will show you some of the bargains they’ve bagged locally and they’ll give each player a crisp ten pound note. It’s an entertaining start to a really engaging day out.

You can shop individually or team up in pairs, threes or fours, etc. and pool your money to go treasure hunting. Finders keepersOur location – Wallingford will have an antiques arcade and, or a selection of antiques and charity bric-a-brac shops within easy walking distance. You’ll have about 90 minutes to shop before returning to the hotel for a two-course lunch. It looks easy enough on the telly, but how will you do in real life?

You return to the hotel for a tasty two-course lunch, after which coffee is served and it’s time to put your find on the table! The celebrity expert will look at every object in turn and tell you all what you’ve got and if it’s worth anything. This is a fascinating and very entertaining sixty minutes during which you will really appreciate the depth and range of the expert’s knowledge.  And you’ll find out why these natural showmen and women were chosen to be on the telly because they are great fun to be with. Expect lots of laughter and big smiles all round.

If no one has unearthed a priceless Ming vase, the winner will be chosen for the most unusual or quirky object or the best find in terms of potential profit. For the winner or the winning team there is great Kudos and a shiny Winners trophy to take home and everybody gets to take home what they bought - it’s Finders Keepers you see!

The price includes luxury coach transport, morning refreshments, your two course lunch with coffee, TV antique expert host, £10 spending money and, of course, treats + the winner’s trophy for the most successful finder.

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